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  • Experience the tangible and authentic love of Jesus

  • Help others to find genuine healing and wholeness in Christ

  • Guide people into relationship with God and others


  • Open dialogue about life with people willing to vulnerably share tears, laughter, and joy

  • Theology and faith which are deep, and conversations that don’t require people to check their brain at the door. I want to see people who seek to worship God with their heart, soul, MIND, and strength.

  • Questions… People willing to enter into genuine conversations about deep struggles, pain and doubts which they may be encountering.

Josh Dolarian | Lead Pastor

Josh was born and raised in Fresno and has a genuine love for this town. Josh grew up attending local Fresno schools, received his bachelor’s degree from Fresno State, and received his Masters in Christian Ministry from the Fresno Pacific University Biblical Seminary. Josh is also a lifelong martial artist, holding a 4th degree black belt in Karate and a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Josh is also a proud Armenian American.

Josh encountered Jesus at a Bible study in a friend’s home when he was 17 and immediately sensed a call towards ministry. With his new-found faith in God, Josh began sharing Jesus with classmates, becoming involved in urban ministry, and going on international mission trips.

Josh fell in love with his bride, Lauren, while they attended seminary together at Fresno Pacific University. Josh and Lauren have two kids, Hannah and Luke, and are committed to raising them to love God and love people. Like so many others, Josh grew up in a broken home and never truly experienced a healthy home-life growing up. Josh is committed to making sure that his marriage and parenting bear witness to Jesus.

In 2012, Josh began vocational ministry. Josh believes that the local church is God’s primary vehicle to bring Jesus’ good news into the world. Josh loves to help people experience belonging and true community with others. Josh also loves to help people become truly acquainted with Jesus.

As a communicator, Josh speaks from his heart, loves to laugh, and share hope with others. He is passionate about dreaming about what the future of the church might look like.